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In our project we had the second workshop implemented in Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka (Slovakia), between 16-18 June 2014.

Topics of workshop II:

1.       Experineces with the questionnaires

As a general experience came out from project partners, not too many questionnaires received back and only few of them are usefull. Many of the responders were representatives of small NGO’s, but they have a big interest to get the study, what we are working on.

Most of the partners had changed the background and the intro of the questionnaire, to make it more attractive. Also we changed the description of the last question, which is about the good examples concerning to alternative fundaising.

2.       Introducing good examples about alternative fundraising

Power pont presentations - download >>>

3.       Form and methodology of the report based on questionnaires

4.       Working on the study


Content of the study

ü  Introduction of the project 

ü  Project partners

ü  similarities/differences between the national specialities

ü  Alternative fund raising techniques

ü  Summary, Good examples

ü  Glossary


5.       Evaluation of workshop II: The project partners (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukrain) expressed again their positive feelings toward the project. They had a preciuos and usedfull working time here and happy to meet such a nice people, who are experts on their field. Everybody is very excited about the study we are working on, as we beleive it will be very helpful for NGOs in our countries.



Workshop III.  8-9-10 October 2014, Ukrain 

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